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If you are looking for an Advanced Balayage course, then you have come to the right place. Shivvvey combines current trend lead inspirations with a systematic approach to freehand application and placement.

Visual placement of colour is not for everyone, and there is not a one size fits all approach to Balayage application. These courses are in-depth Balayage application courses that will share techniques and sectioning patterns in a systematic way. This will provide the key skills needed to enable you to feel confident recreating your freehand applications over and over again. Specifically designed for all hair textures, lengths and colour palettes.

Shivvvey will coach you through techniques that will complement a variety of hair cuts and talk you through her top tips on perfecting your blending, melting and sweeping applications. Added to this, you will discover how to select the ideal Balayage Blushes and glosses to perfect your colours. Rose, Lavender and Butter Blonde are just a few of her faves to gain the ultimate instagramable finish.

We offer these courses online and in person.


  •  Up to 5 new Balayage techniques to widen your skillset

  •  Clear systems for selecting the right type of Balayage for each hair type and client

  • Tips on creating seamless blending

  • Tips on achieving the best possible diagnosis and consultation

  • Transformative Balayage and Top-ups

  • Balayage techniques for all hair lengths and textures (straight to curly)

  • lightening Balayage techniques

  • Darkening Balayage/ Reverse Balayage 

  • Creative toning and zone toning. Applying the perfect glaze

  • Blending

  • Colour melting

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Bespoke Group Sessions

@shivvvey can tailor her courses to be educated with your organised group or team in the comfort of your own salon or an alternative location. She can also tailor her education for large events and conferences. If location is not an option or you would prefer to go digital then shivvvey can prepare an online format for you. Sessions can be offered Nationally and Internationally. Please hit BOOK to get in contact and enquire about your bespoke Balayage session.

Price on quotation 


Loreal Academy Courses

"Systematic Balayage"


@shivvvey also educates her "Systematic Balayage" course live from Loreal academies throughout the UK. Visit loreal Access to view her latest 2022 course dates.

London 31st January

Edinburgh 17th October

Dublin 16th November



Listen and learn online


1 hour and a half session online. @Shivvvey will conduct a live presentation exploring her go to sectioning patterns. She will demonstrate 2 Balayage techniques and talk through her top tips on perfecting your consultation and technique diagnosis. All complete with a live Q&A section.

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SIGN UP to our Balayage community.

Live Hands On (full day)

6th November 2022

10am - 4:30pm

Location - Blush + Blow Chelsea



The ultimate in HANDS-ON face-to-face Balayage education.
Balayage is the most sort after colouring technique but the traditional approach to balayage can often be very soft and natural and not really meet the demands and expectations of today's clients.

Creative Balayage will provide you with the skills to apply a modern take on free-hand application, ensuring seamless results that satisfy the wants and needs of today's market. We will be offering live presentations and hands-on work with interactive demonstrations. You will learn 5 application methods, including reverse Balayage and contouring. 

Tuition heads and models included.

You will receive:
*Live demonstrations

*Hands-on experience

*Knowledge and skills to further your balayage offering
*A digital take-home education pack
*Welcome refreshments and snacks 

*Take home goodies


Loreal Access Online "Blueprint Balayage"




@shivvvey has collaborated with @lorealpro to bring you "Blueprint Balayage". The guide follows an interactive step-by-step approach. It is perfect for anyone wishing to brush up on their Balayage knowledge and gain top tips on perfecting their consultation. Guess what...... Its completely FREE. . BOOK


Hands on online


3 hour session. Get your tuition head out and let @Shivvvey take you through 3 Balayage applications live from your living room. She will be demonstrating and educating from her studio. Sharing her top tips. This is an interactive session. Created to give you a personal approach to online training. Shivvvey will guide you through every step of the way.

Tuition head not included.

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online courses
hands on bespoke

What people Say


"Thank you for your inspirational course this week! Today I did a colour change on a lady who said its the best shes ever had. Technique taught by you. You are a true colour guru who is not just amazing at what she does, but such a lovely person too"

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