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What is Creative Balayage?



CREATIVE Balayage is a process that combines a unique style of colour consultation with forward thinking Balayage, freehand & foiled application. It creates a truly bespoke result. 

It has been influenced by the traditional approach of Parisian Balayage. However, we have combined it with innovative techniques and creative approaches. It can be used for a variation of hair types and textures. 



Creative Balayage can be applied to all hair shades within the full spectrum of colour from dark to light. The style of application can be used to create a variety of colour results such as Blonde, Red and Pastel.


We pride ourselves on the fact that Creative Balayage can be used on all hair types including curly hair and many hair cuts and silhouettes such as bobs, long hair and fringes.


It has been designed to strengthen your commercial colouring skillset. Whilst gifting you with the confidence to communicate and consult in the most thorough and tailored way.


Balayage is a Parisian technique that means to sweep.

Its term refers to the way the colour is applied. Balayage is a technique where colour is painted onto the hair to create a graduated, more natural-looking and highlighted effect. However, due to its ever-growing global popularity, the wants and needs of the technique have changed. In some cases, the expectations have exceeded what the traditional application can offer.

Balayage has become a worldwide colouring phenomenon. Worn by many and craved by everyone. To be able to offer the illusion of Balayage to the masses we have formulated the Creative Balayage process. This enables us to not only provide a bespoke Balayage consultation but a unique selection of techniques and freehand application options. These are suitable for all.

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